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Liquid C + Bioflavonoids Liquid C + Bioflavonoids with Rose Hips is antioxidant formula product, which has been developed by CaliVita®. However, its main ingredient is vitamin C well-known by everybody, in spite of the fact that it is not only a new kind of vitamin C, but an excellent, complex antioxidant, the active ingredients of which support synergically the preservation of our health and well-being. […]

Joint ProteX FORTE – With extra power for healthy joints

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Joint Protex Forte As a result of innovative research, CaliVita® International has created Joint ProteX FORTE, the further developed version of the already well-known Joint ProteX. Joint ProteX FORTE is the version of the popular Joint ProteX with increased active ingredient content, for the extra protection of joints. Let us get acquainted more closely with joints and their functioning to better understand its effects. The system […]


Lutein PLUS – Bright eyes, sharp vision

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Lutein Plus Before outlining the most frequent eyeproblems and conveying professional advice, let us begin with a brief summary of the structure and functioning of the eye. Macula lutea is an approximately 6 mm area occupying the middle part of the retina, which is the place of sharp vision. The Retina forwards an image arriving to the eyes from an object, to the […]

Virago – Prepare your immune system!

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WITH THE ARRIVAL OF THE COLDER AUTUMN-WINTER MONTHS, THE PATHOGENS ARE EXPECTED TO LAUNCH AN ATTACK ON OUR BODY WITH INCREASED FORCE. FORTUNATELY, HOWEVER, NATURE’S PHARMACY IS ALWAYS ON HAND TO HELP FIGHT THEM. VIRAGO: With the power of herbs against the pathogens Virago is a complex preparation with herbs, all components of which support the healthy functioning of our immune system […]

Cell XC

CellXC – Culevit has renewed!

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Cell XC Your cells keep dividing, multiplying and dying during your life. However, from time to time mistakes may occur in their operation, resulting in faulty cells. The body of a healthy person takes care of these faulty cells, correcting them. But in case of a stressed body, mistakes may creep into even this process.  […]