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Wherever it is possible we use natural raw materials in our nutritional supplements. The other main objective for us is to use as much herbal active ingredients from ecological farming as possible.


Besides relying on the latest scientific research and innovation we also build on the knowledge of traditional medicine proven by hundreds of years of experience in our use of herbal ingredients.


When developing products we give preference to organic compounds, which are more readily absorbed by the human system. We formulate our products in such a way that the synergies – or mutual boosting effects

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Slow release

Our vitamins and multivitamins preferably come in a ‘slow release’ form in order to secure even vitamin and mineral levels in the body.

Liquid nutritional supplements

We also offer liquid nutritional supplements, which come in handy for those who find swallowing tablets and capsules problematic.


During the life-cycle of our products we monitor any changes in the recommended intake of the various vitamins and minerals and adjust the composition of our tablets and capsules accordingly.



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Eva je izgubila 7 kilograma tokom tromesečnog programa i uz to kaže da je veoma uživala u njemu. Sada je fit i veoma je srećna što se vratila u pređašnju formu. Eva kaže da je lako pratiti dijetu jer uz ovu novu metodu, obroci i dodaci ishrani zajedno imaju savršeno dejstvo.Toliko joj se sve to dopalo da i ne pomišlja da se vraća starim navikama! Njen favorit je proizvod Burn One, uz pomoću koga uspeva da obavi sve poslove a da na kraju dana nije preumorna, što joj pre nije polazilo za rukom. Pored toga ima bolju kondiciju i lakše savlada traku za trčanje. Voli da priprema i svoj Shake One sa ovsenim i bademovim mlekom i nije joj još dosadio ni jedan od proizvoda.

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Eva Tačik

Jestem starszą seniorką w pełni sprawną i samodzielną. Czemu to zawdzięczam? Sobie i CaliVita® – ponieważ stosuje wiele suplementów diety tej firmy od 17 lat. Moja przygoda z CaliVita® rozpoczęła się w 1998 roku. Od kilku lat borykałam się z dolegliwościami sercowo-krzyżowymi (skoki ciśnienia, zwężenie naczyń mózgu, osłabiony wzrok i początki zaćmy, osteoporoza). W takiej sytuacji Triple Potency Lecithin idealnie spełnia swoje zadanie. Jest kluczowym czynnikiem prawidłowego działania mózgu i przewodzenia bodźców nerwowych.

Maria Walisiak


In the 21st century, humankind faces problems affecting the entire world, such as an accelerated information society, increased industrial and agricultural production caused by overpopulation, environmental pollution, and greenhouse effects.
Due to the demands of our consumer society, an increasing number of people are having a hard time ensuring an adequate standard of living. This places an extra burden on them, both physically and psychologically. Due to the accelerated pace of living, we do not have time to eat or to rest properly. Meanwhile, it does not occur to us that stress and an inadequate intake of nutrients consumes the reserves of our bodies, which may lead to illness, or even to premature death.
However, we can change, at any time, if we so choose and the most effective factor for quality of life is our way of life.

Condition of our health:

Way of life



Quality design, 25 years experience, relentless persuit of perfection, continuous development of production, attention to every detail. The result is the effective Calivita food supplement line. What does it mean to you? Your health..Over the past 25 years, CaliVita® has been a global ambassador for a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, spreading the word in over 30 countries worldwide. CaliVita’s vision for the future is to expand globally and to further its mission to empower an increasing number of people to take control of their lives, to embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle, to pay closer attention to proper nutrition and wellness. Premium quality has always characterised all our products and activities. Far from giving up on our most exacting requirements, recently we have made this commitment to quality even stronger. CaliVita International has never ceased to employ its best efforts to preserving the uncompromised high quality of its products and its affordable prices. Thanks to the substantial experience that we have gathered over the past twenty years and to our managers’ staunch support for the cause, CaliVita now boasts one of the strictest product development and manufacturing standards regarding both our own employees and developers and our external partners and suppliers. The vast majority of our products are made in a pharmaceutical environment in the U.S. Preparation of the products is done in accordance with rigorous quality assurance and quality control principles (GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice), as well as ongoing monitoring and a periodic review by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration). In our European distribution, where our products meet the full requirements of the EU legislation, we work in close co-operation with the local licensing authorities to ensure that our products comply with local regulations. Choose from weight loss-, digestive-, immune system- and cardiovascular support, memory and mood enhancers, joint and bone strengtheners, beauty and health products for men and women. Begin to live an enhanced quality of life today!


Shake one pure

Shake one pure – form your shape with plant-based proteins Coronavirus has completely rewritten everybody’s life circumstances. Lots of us are confined to home office and the children go to “home school”. It was only a matter of time for the forecasts to come true that said home confinement would indirectly affect our health. It […]

Immunvirex stop pathogenes!

Immunvirex Pathogenes are ready to attack you and knock you off your feet not only during the fall and winter months but any part of the year, causing serious symptoms. However, with a proper diet and healthy lifestyle, you can prepare your body to fight pathogenes  This can be helped by Calivitas’s latest unique development, the IMMUNVIREX complex immune booster. Protection Against Pathogenes On Several Fronts IMMUNVIREX CONTAINS A UNIQUE COMBINATION OF VITAMINS, MINERALS AND PLANT-BASED ACTIVE INGREDIENTS, THAT MAY HELP BODY FIGHT AND TREAT PATHOGENS PROVEN.  THANKS TO THE VALUABLE ACTIVE INGREDIENTS, THE NEW PRODUCT […]

Liquid health

Liquid C + Bioflavonoids Liquid C + Bioflavonoids with Rose Hips is antioxidant formula product, which has been developed by CaliVita®. However, its main ingredient is vitamin C well-known by everybody, in spite of the fact that it is not only a new kind of vitamin C, but an excellent, complex antioxidant, the active ingredients of which support synergically the preservation of our health and well-being. […]

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