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Don’t look for a magic solution to get rid of your extra kilos! Weight Loss Secrets they are much simpler than it may seem; they should only be used correctly and prudently.

It is common for most of the people above 40 becomes obese. Unfortunately, currently the problem obesity starts as early as childhood. It can attributed to eating habits rather than traits genetic. According to the research results, the average European woman gains a minimum weight of 7 kg between 20 and 50 years of age Obese people usually try find excuses for your excesses kilograms. And those who have no problems with their body weight, they usually find that there are no tricks for losing weight: just we should eat fewer calories than we burn. Unfortunately, it is much more complicated than we think!

We can ask a legitimate question – why it is so easy to gain weight and why is it so hard to lose kilograms?

Losing weight can be difficult and tiring task. Average 95 out of 100 users the diet gives up weight loss, no matter what which methods are they trying. It is well known that obesity is not only inconvenient but lead to maybe to many disorders – diabetes, hypertension arterial disease, cardiovascular diseases, some types of cancer, etc. The older we are, the older we are it is much more difficult for us to lose weight. For 100 people 95 fail because they ignore the essentials principles of human physiology. In practice this means that when we follow a strict diet, i.e. we drastically reduce food intake by period of time longer than three days in a row, our body he misinterprets it as a hunger signal and it automatically slows down our metabolism to protect and store as much fat as this only possible. This fact makes the process and degree weight loss becomes as difficult as possible.

When we quit dieting, ours metabolism has already slowed down so much that even if we eat approximately half as much as before starting a diet, we will start to gain weight again. Is is a process we call the “yo-yo effect”. In short, most weight loss diets is built on the “failure effect mechanism”, which brings you discouragingly low success indicator.

Designation is another common problem yourself an unrealistic goal. The point is that you’re starving yourself to get the figure you don’t you can achieve with your genetic type. The disappointment you experience can be significantly slow down or even stop the weight loss process. For this reason, it is important to accept ours basic structure and realize that it is not anyone can look like a model.


Let’s start with the fact that according to the latest the results of scientific research, obesity is not solely and not always the result gluttony.

This is the opinion of the French physician-scientist Dr. Pierre Nys. In his opinion, the main one the cause of the tendency to obesity is the disorder our body’s homeostasis. Simply put the appearance of disturbances in the general state of equilibrium and our body’s metabolism inevitably leads to obesity. Moreover, our health (our harmonious existence) depends above all everything from our lifestyle as well our eating habits (i.e. what we eat, how often and in what composition). Dr. Nys fixed basically three different types prone to obesity, namely: insulin, leptin and stress type. In his opinion, the reaction of our body in the event of an imbalance, it depends on the type we belong to.

In the insulin type, imbalance is the problem between the rate at which tissues are consumed sugars for energy and insulin production. Means that the tissues are not responding adequately (they are not sufficiently sensitive) to insulin. This resistance peripheral tissues to insulin as a result excessive insulin production and drastic fluctuations in blood sugar levels. For this reason, people with this problem eat the whole debt day. Feeling more hungry, they eat more and more food, forcing the pancreas to producing even more insulin. Insulin stimulates the process of fat storage and them the more you eat, the more energy it transforms into fat. This is where the magic begins wheel of weight gain.

Leptin types, completely different from the above type, strictly adhere to the diet. They are leaving some meals (especially breakfast) and practically they don’t remember the taste of most of the delicious anymore dishes. Despite this, they are unable to lose weight! Being The problem is that they eat less and less. Their organisms interpret this condition as “life-threatening” die by starvation and do not produce enough amounts of leptin. This hormone controls stock levels the body’s energy – sends a signal to the brain if the body does not need food thus, it induces a feeling of satiety at this point. If we starve regularly, under the “rescuer.” life ”under the supervision of our brain, the body stores every bite of food like a camel.

People with a stress type have a problem with slimming, which is related to their fast pace of life. The busier they are, the more agitated they are their nerves and the adrenal glands they produce increased amounts of adrenaline and cortisol. Consequently, they soon feel hungry. The body interprets this state as starvation, producing consequently less leptin. Because their minds don’t received the signal: “I’m full”, stress types start eating again, taking in more calories than they can burn, which ends up being overweight.

Of course, the types are much more common mixed than “pure”, e.g. in the following combination: insulin – leptin, insulin – stress, leptin – stress, etc. In addition to those mentioned the above reasons, we should mention other important factors that may play an important role role in the process of gaining weight. These are: a diet that is in line with the group blood, physical activity, emotional balance.


Regular exercise and physical activity make our body burn more calories as a result of accelerating the fundamental transformation matter. Weight loss continues even while you are rest. Exercise regulates sugar levels in the blood, increase the energy supply and lift general well-being. Better mood and increased energy levels make us have want to be even more physically active. Vigorous exercise for 15 – 20 minutes three times a week can help us a lot maintaining a proper body weight. Our program exercise does not necessarily include as intense exercise as energetic aerobics, jogging or jogging, especially if we have overweight and in bad shape. The perfect form of activity for almost any person it may also be appropriate a planned, long walk. During walk you use less energy than jogging or jogging, so it should be every time last at least 40 minutes. Other forms of activity, such as stepper, cycling or swimming also can give excellent results as long as how they are used regularly (preferably daily, at least 3-4 times a week).


It so happens that weight problems can It may be the result of low self-esteem. However, most people may lose weight and then again do not gain weight if you overcome these obstacles, imagining that they are attractive and have perfect figure. If you feel your problems with body weight may have emotional reasons, take the right steps to solve them.
“What we cannot overcome in life, our body also cannot use in a character food “.

Istvan Gonda, sincerely and expressive, presented the above position in the article published in Termeszet Gyogyasz Magazin (“Natural Healer Magazine”).
“Our attitude to nutrition is an indicator our mental and emotional balance. There is mental, emotional, and physical nourishment. We all care about satisfying our hunger more than once a day. But, do we also fill in at the same time our heart with love and our mind with souls thoughts?
If we suffer from weight problems, probably not. Excess pounds as well the condition of our bones and skin are indicators of deficiency love. In the event of elevated levels sugar (sugar = love) we have deep inner emotions, but we are not able to show them. Hunger – lowering blood sugar levels blood – understood as reducing the level love. No physical food can fill this void in the long run. By eating only temporarily can reduce the spiritual or mental emptiness. The more the inner emptiness is tormenting, all the greater we want a more abundant and hard-to digest one food. Because our body is a mirror our mental and emotional state, we cannot deceive ourselves, by taking easily digestible food, yes like supporters of healthy eating – ours depressive thoughts and feelings are much stronger than this. Only unconditionally loving, high spiritual people do not deceive themselves, if they consume high-vibration foods without synthetic ingredients (synthetic food = artificial, unnatural behavior). Can not forcing to achieve this pure inner state. We can only achieve this by moving to a higher level of spirituality. If it hasn’t happened it so far, we can not feel satiety, even by eating “pure food.” In fact, we live in constant anxiety and tension. Our days are characterized by a substitute for such activities as: eternal rush, constant time pressure, increased sensitivity, constant desire to shop as well obsessive eating snacks.

When we say “I feel like something to eat ”, we do not actually dream of food physical.

Spiritual “nourishment” is not the same as excess intellectual information because it the second is tiring and indigestible in the absence deeper interior. What we are not in able to mentally exploit, arrears in ours intestines in the form of a food equivalent – undigested.

Our body is “honest” all the time. No it has no use in self-deception and the outside world. Our spiritual distress it manifests itself. For example, when we are very `tired, we get dandruff, our hair is losing their shine, they start to fall out and prematurely go gray. Or we have to wear glasses because we don’t we want to see the world as it is.

Each food is given a certain level vibrations can be grouped according to a certain hierarchy. There are vegetables at the highest level, fruit, spring water, and whole grains. Meat and alcohol has the lowest vibration. People should eat foods that suit them spiritual level. Our spiritual degree and mental development becomes evident when ignoring our knowledge of a healthy diet, we rush to the kitchen and begin to absorb treats, even those we’ve been hiding so far. This is the moment when we finally face honest with himself. Then our mood and general well-being improve as we accept who we are.

Those who remain dominated by vanity, they are looking for substitute activities: they light a cigarette, they drink, run away from themselves in search of company or, in extreme cases (like many in the world of “stars” do so) reach back for drugs.

In principle, it can be said that no type of food causes an increase or a loss body weight. We will not gain weight or lose weight in food result. It all depends on the information flowing from vibration. If we get fat even then when we eat foods we like (we eat according to our spiritual level), they can blame it bear our social relationships. If we can’t reconcile our spiritual demands with these present in our environment, unknowingly we start to reject them.

We create a protective layer of fat and / or water, to keep our partner away. Even for expectant mothers child, overweight does not appear as direct pregnancy effect.

We start to lose weight as we head towards foods that are of a higher quality than ours own vibrations. However, because of this difference, our diet is constantly accompanied by internal tension. We feel an irresistible impulse to react to ours aggression, accumulating many times: we scream in anger at others, we are impatient, we provoke others and we make it fast, restless movements. If we also suppress our aggression, we experience allergy attacks (aren’t we allergic to SOMEONE and not something ?!) or let’s get started have gastrointestinal problems.

A consequence of self-deception, i.e. that we would like to be perceived differently than we are in fact, there is the so-called the yoyo effect. This swing exists as long as we will not leave these possessive unions, v which we are because of passions or conventions.

Yo-yo is the result of the failures of our lives, not ours diets. The same is true of the two most extreme eating disorders – bulimia and anorexia. Starving yourself for weeks corresponds to a phase self-deception (“I am for real
lucky”). The moment of truth appears when we regain our kilos. We break down mentally and we suffer from a lack of emotions exactly to the extent that our body does began to gain weight during this period of time. Repeatedly we lack mental and spiritual resources happiness, therefore we desperately resort to physical sources.

We can keep the perfect figure not as a result ascetic, seemingly miraculous diets, only by finding the correct proportions in our social relationships.

Our fi gure largely depends on how we feel in our skin as a man or woman. Weight problems are always the result low self-esteem. “

This is the end of the quote from the Istvan Gond article. His the message is very informative and noteworthy. We should add that without regular application properly selected dietary supplements, successfully started the weight loss process can slow down and then come to a standstill. Slim Formula, CaliVita product, has been created to prepare for these shortcomings. This preparation, available in tablet form, is a great help in the weight loss process, especially for people with active mode life. Properly selected ingredients, acting in natural and synergistic way, they help ours the body regain its natural balance, as well as help to use effectively nutrients. The success of your weight loss diet depends on the effectiveness of all these processes.

1 tablet contains:
Green tea (Camellia sinensis) ………. 50 mg
(std. 95% polyphenols)
Nopal (Opuntia fi cus indica) ……………… 100 mg
L- carnitine HCl ………………………………. 40 mg
Fennel seeds ……………………. 40 mg
(Foeniculum vulgare)
Turmeric (Curcuma longa) ………………….. 25 mg
Ginger (Zingiber offi cinalis) ………………….. 50 mg
Chrome …………………………………………. … 50 mcg
Lecithin …………………………………………. .. 25 mg
Garcinia cambogia (std. 50% HCA) …… 100 mg



(Latin Camellia sinensis, Thea sinensis) Tea, a member of the Theaceae family, is one from the oldest drinks in the world and next to water, the most commonly consumed. This drink has been around for centuries consumed in Asia, it has been placed at the center of research scientific. Since ancient times, the Chinese benefited greatly from drinking green tea, widely known for helping keep the body in good health. The active ingredients of green tea belong to family of polyphenols (catechins and avonols), strong antioxidant properties. Majority of them are tannins – large polyphenolic particles, which together with catechins account for almost 90% all substances. There are many catechins in significant amounts: epicatechin (EC), epigallocatechin (EGC), epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG is about 10-50% total catechins and possibly it is the strongest catechin – with activity antioxidant about 25-100 times stronger than vitamin C and E. A cup of green tea can provide 10-40 mg of polyphenols and exhibits antioxidant activity greater than the serving size broccoli, spinach, carrots and strawberries. Some commercial green tea extracts are standardized for total polyphenols and / or EGCG content. Considering protective cardiovascular effects of polyphenols, expected that their strong antioxidant properties should reduce free radical damage to cells and to prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, i.e. affect both factors likely In addition to the known antioxidant properties, they initiate the formation of atherosclerotic plaque green tea, the results of the latest research suggest that catechins may play a role in the process weight loss. An animal study was evaluated the role of green tea in the prevention of obesity, feeding the female mice for 4 months varies the amount of green tea (constituting from 1 to 4% their diets). It turned out that in the mice receiving in the diet of green tea was found to be significant reducing food consumption, weight gain body and fat accumulation. In addition, cholesterol and levels were also lower triglycerides. The most interesting discovery this study may have been the fact that during treatment with green tea in the blood was found lower leptin levels – indicating green tea can have a direct effect on weight regulation (downward trend). In some studies, the use of green tea is tea was associated with a mild increase thermogenesis (increased heat expenditure) – which is usually assigned to the content theine (caffeine). At least one study showed that green tea extract stimulates thermogenesis to a much greater extent than this would be due to the caffeine content itself, which means green thermogenic properties teas can be caused by an interaction between the high content of catechins – polyphenols and caffeine. Probably thermogenic properties green teas are a boosting effect levels of norepinephrine – because of catechins – polyphenols are known as transferase inhibitors catechol-O-methyl (an enzyme that breaks down norepinephrine). One study evaluated this theory and the daily effect of green tea extract energy consumption in 10 men. Each one of them consumed 3 servings of green tea extract (50 mg caffeine and 90 mg epigallocatechin gallate), caffeine (50 mg) or placebo (for breakfast, lunch and lunch). The test results showed that in comparison with placebo, green tea extract did significant (4%) increase in energy consumption (around 800 calories per day) and increased use body fat as an energy source (24 hourly respiratory rate). In addition, the diurnal urinary excretion of norepinephrine was 40% more when using the extract from green tea versus a placebo. It’s worth it note that using only caffeine alone, in amounts equivalent to those present in green tea extract (50 mg) was not shown no effect on related energy consumption with the fat oxidation process – suggesting that green tea’s thermogenic properties are the result of the action of ingredients other than just caffeine itself.

In conclusion, green tea shows properties:

  • Antiatherosclerotic (lowers cholesterol and triglycerides)
  • Anticoagulant
  • Strengthening immune functions
  • Increasing weight loss
  • Anticancer

In addition, green tea extract has a beneficial effect on the functions of the digestive tract, effectively removes metabolic products and toxins from the body as well as stimulates thermogenesis. For these reasons, it is also powerful a slimming ingredient that works synergistically with turmeric and ginger.

TURMERIC (Curcuma longa, Curcumin)

Turmeric – a perennial plant whose rhizome for many years it has been used for medicinal purposes, as a food coloring and known “spice of life ”, widely used in Indian cuisine. Turmeric (curry powder spice) is a common spice in Indian cuisine, from long used by applying healers Ayurvedic medicine. Active ingredient Secreted from turmeric is a powerful compound called curcumin, with powerful antioxidant properties.

Turmeric has many benefits properties. Used for many years by folk medicine in liver diseases, maybe reduce inflammation in the liver and strengthen its functions. It was also used as effective medicine to alleviate the unpleasant symptoms caused by diseases gallbladder.

The powder called turmeric contains curcumin, a polyphenol composed of 2 linked acid molecules ferulic acid, known chemically as diferoylmethane. Turmeric contains 2 derivatives of curcumin. The indications for the use of curcumin are very similar to many avonoids, incl. cyanidin. In an experimental study (published in The Journal of the American College of Nutrition), the administration of curcumin prevented cancer development in 68% of treated animals. Curcumin it is a powerful anti-cancer agent ingredient that may delay cancer development both in the initiation and promotion phases – similar like cyanidins and many other bioflavonoids. Besides, curcumin shows many of the same mechanisms of action: mainly antioxidant properties, stimulates metabolizing enzymes drugs like glutathione-S-transferase and increases glutathione levels in the liver and other tissues.

Curcumin has strong anti-inflammatory properties animal research. Two basic The mechanisms of action are: inhibition of activity lipoxygenase and antioxidant properties. Nothing new, e.g. cyanidin and much more biofl avonoids also shows strong anti-inflammatory activity in the same mechanism of action. Two clinical trials with double-blind evaluating the effects of supplements with curcumin for the course of arthritis and postoperative inflammation have proven its therapeutic utility (Ammon et al., 1991). The doses used were 120 and 1200, respectively mg / day / person.

List of Medical Indications Common to Curcumin and flavonoids, it is long and contains: protection liver against damage by chemical compounds, improvement of blood lipid profile, reduction platelet aggregation, antimicrobial properties and stimulation of immunity.

“Curcumin contains potent compounds antioxidant, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory. It reduces the activity of decarboxylase ornithine (ODC) increases coherence digestive processes and mucus production, protects the digestive tract, stimulates secretion digestive enzymes and functions liver “. (Quote taken from Peter’s book
DʼAdamo “Live according to your blood type”, p. 157)

Currently, curcumin is included in many herbal blends to soothe rheumatoid arthritis arthritis. In a study with the use of double-blind has been shown to apply curcumin in patients suffering from it reason brought about a significant improvement. The result was comparable with the use of phenylbutazone, a non-steroidal drug anti-inflammatory drug (NLP) dispensed prescription, but not known to him side effects. Curcumin can also effectively reduce the level of intestinal toxins. Is a powerful inhibitor of polyamine synthesis. They can use all blood groups.

GINGER (Zingiber officinalis)

This vegetable spice was for many years used in Ayurvedic medicine. You can use it in the treatment of colds and menstrual pains, as it is in acute inflammation causes hyperemia and attracts phagocytes to damage site (positive chemotaxis). Externally, ginger was used as a remedy causing reddening of the skin (to increase local blood flow in the skin, as well as other parts of the body) and pain reliever in toothache, headache and sinusitis. Soothes also gastrointestinal disorders such such as flatulence and indigestion, nausea and vomiting in both pregnancy and motion sickness.

The anti-inflammatory effects of ginger are related with a mechanism typical of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NLP). This one is widely used spice is biologically more active prostaglandin synthesis inhibitor (pathway cyclooxygenase starting with an acid peanut) than onions or garlic. Shows anti-inflammatory effect through relief biochemical pathways involved in reactions inflammation and by inhibiting inflammation mediators. It is widely used in medicine Ayurvedic as a cure for inflammation arthritis, pain, fever, and as a strong substance anticoagulant. Thanks to its properties ginger, garlic, reducing plate adhesion and onions can potentially reduce the risk myocardial or brain infarction. In series experiments carried out on rats, Japanese scientists found that ginger extract it inhibits even stomach damage up to 97%. The authors concluded that the use of ginger root by folk medicine in ailments gastroenteritis is very effective with such ingredients, such as – zingiberen, (main terpenoid) and 6-gingerol (the factor that confers on ginger characteristic astringency and taste).

FENNEL SEEDS (Foeniculum vulgare)

Fennel seeds (Foeniculi fructus) contain co at least 3% of essential oil, and in some cases up to 75%. The main factor the active essential oil (Aetheroleum foeniculi) is anethole (50-80%), which is identical to the main one active ingredient of anise oil (Pimpinella anisum). However, unlike anise, fennel oil contains feniculin and fenchon, for a reason which has a bitter, tart taste. Fennel seeds have a beneficial effect on urinary system: diuretic, mild diastolic and antibacterial. Oil fennel is often included in the preparations used in urolithiasis because it favors formation of protective colloids in urine. Thanks to its diastolic properties, it enters the composition of some laxatives. As a carminative, so is cumin (Carum carvi) is fed regularly babies. Together with or instead of anise it is used in expectorants.

NOPAL (Opuntia ficus indica)

Currently, including highly technologically advanced age, we miss it, maybe more than ever before – something essential, necessary for life. The lack of this “something” reveals with more and more diseases, called civilization. These include tumors, diseases cardiovascular, metabolic disorders, obesity, diabetes, increased lipid levels in the blood, osteoporosis and autoimmune diseases. A healthy lifestyle is the ability to cope with stressful situations, appropriate physical activity, proper rest, and diet combined with natural intake supplements. Living like this, soon we will experience favorable changes in quality life. Various medicinal plants uplift value of dietary supplements because – by acting like natural catalysts – they work together in human body. These often underestimated gifts nature can help us stay healthy but at the same time restore lost balance and stimulate the healing processes. One of them is definitely nopal.

What is nopal?

Nopal (prickly pear cactus) belongs to cactus family of the genus Opuntia. For a year 1983 undergoes intensive research. Until today it has been found and well documented the following properties or health benefits nopal:

  • is an antioxidant
  • regulates blood glucose levels
  • reduces the level of lipids
  • regulates body weight
  • cleans the colon
  • restores healthy digestion
  • regulates the functions of the liver
  • complements the vegetarian diet as a substitute amino acids

Moreover, nopal has a positive effect on function endocrine glands, nervous system, a also the cardiovascular system.

These and other perks may seem unrealistic to some doctors. It almost sounds like description of the panacea. However, these effects are scientifically proven and result from the properties of the individual nopal ingredients. Nopal has been found to be a rich source of numerous vitamins and ingredients minerals, as well as 17 amino acids (incl 8 necessary). Moreover, nopal contains both fiber soluble and insoluble in water. Scientists have revealed that nopal is real improves the effectiveness of the immune system, mainly supporting the functions of the secretory organs, moreover, it is a natural source easily digestible proteins and biofl avonoids. Still not this is the complete list of nopal ingredients, currently we only mentioned the most important and thoroughly documented.

Nopal allows you to control body weight and lose weight in a natural way, while providing the body with full set of nutrients. At the same time it prevents deposition of adipose tissue increases its decay and elimination. Moreover, nopal improves mood, reducing appetite. Because it intensifies the feeling satiety, helps to fight the habit of overeating and snacking between meals. The plant-based nopal proteins help the body “Drain” the fluids from tissues – especially skin – I direct them to the lymphatic circulation and vessels blood vessels, thus reducing cellulite and fluid retention.

Nopal stabilizes and regulates blood glucose levels by increasing the sensitivity of peripheral tissues aquatic on insulin, as a result stimulates the passage of glucose from the blood into the body’s cells, where energy is generated from it.

Nopal ingredients stabilize and regulate in the blood both total and “bad” (LDL) levels cholesterol and triglycerides. It is the result of a breakup fat and fatty acids then their elimination with bile.

Adopting an appropriate diet, nopal as well physical activity will result in increased energy and will allow to correct the deficiencies of the fi gura. At the same time with the help of this program you can regulate the level of glucose and lipids in the blood. For this reason, nopal is effective in reducing the risk the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. The presence of chromium enhances the beneficial effects of nopal.

Every day our body is exposed to contact with toxic substances, derived from various sources. Lots of nutrition experts suggests that you first cleanse your body before we will start taking any supplements – vitamins, minerals and herbs. It’s really good if it’s available a natural supplement whose ingredients support both the cleansing and nourishing process the body. Nopal is just such a supplement – it fulfills both of these tasks at the same time.

The fiber present in nopal exerts its influence on the digestive system the following positive physiological effect, biological and microbiological: slows down filling and emptying the stomach, softens stool, increases its mass and frequency of passing, binds bile acids, reduces absorption glucose in the gut as well as binds carcinogens and heavy metals. Dietary fiber improves activity of the “friendly” intestinal flora. Moreover, nopal increases the mineral resources the body. Vegetable fiber and substances mucilages in nopal prevent overproduction gastric juice and at the same time protect the membrane mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines.

Harmful metabolic products and toxins are eliminated from our body with the help of seven routes. If we want to stay healthy and vital, all these mechanisms should function properly. Here they are: the liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines, skin, circulatory system and lymphatic. Natural vitamins contained in nopal, minerals, bioflavonoids, fiber and etc. support the purification process and improve it the functioning of not only the liver, but the whole organism. By removing ammonia from the body, free radicals and environmental toxins such as alcohol or cigarette smoke, nopal supports immune system activity. Acting diuretic, strengthens the functions of the bladder, as well as the kidneys by neutralizing the products metabolism and toxins produced by organism. It also helps to clean the bladder and lymphatic system and has a positive effect on prostate gland. Because it has properties diaphoretic, it can also be used as a remedy antipyretic. Amino acids found in nopal – especially the 8 exogenous ones – that’s effective and a natural supplement to the menu, especially suitable for vegetarians.

Nopal is an excellent dietary supplement for o versatile action, almost a panacea. It helps to stay healthy as well as to strengthen self-healing forces of the body, especially in case of imbalance.

LECITHIN (Phosphatidylcholine)

Lecithin is a natural substance (lipid), the extraordinary benefits of which are still unknown many people. Its main ingredients are choline and inositol, the two main substances taking participation in the conduction of nerve impulses. Choline, considered a member of the group vitamins B, plays a key role in the structure of the so-called membranes biological. From a physiological point of view, the most important area of its activity is muscular and nervous system, especially cells cerebral.

Choline, inositol, and lecithin are all alike considered “fat burners” as well as substances that protect bile, liver and vascular walls blood vessels. However, unlike the standard ones fat reducing substances, they burn only its excess.

Lecithin prevents the build-up of cholesterol in the inner wall of blood vessels. It converts cholesterol and other fats into substances water-soluble, so they can be eliminated from the body more efficiently. Our diet usually includes much more fat than needed, which is why there is lecithin indispensable for almost all people. Substance this prevents fatty liver, flatulence as well strongly softens the stool. It is also essential for our sex life, because lecithin and cholesterol (especially the HDL fraction) are substances necessary for the functioning of the glands endocrine.


According to the latest research results, L-carnitine is one of the necessary substances nutritional. It is important in the process of growth and development muscles, has a positive effect on the heart muscle, as well as participates in many others body functions. For example, during execution aerobic exercise 51% of energy used comes from fats while in sports strength, this number reaches 80%. Muscles working continuously or over a long period of time time (e.g. myocardium), they gain energy almost solely from burning fat, therefore cannot function properly in the absence of carnitine. It has been proven that the combustion process fat is largely dependent on carnitine and its functional partner (tandem) – the coenzyme called CoQ10. Carnitine keeps you active the transport system that leads fatty acid molecules to the mitochondria – small “power plants” located in the cytoplasm cells. They are practically “generators energy “for cells. It’s right here in the oxidation process a universal substance that gives life is created, the so-called adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

For this reason, Slim Formula – high quality slimming preparation – contains the amino acid L-carnitine which is responsible for creating energy from acid molecules fatty acid oxidation and loss of the body fat.


The body uses this essential ingredient in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. Chromium is present in solids grains, brewer’s yeast, wheat germ and beef. It is often available as chromium picolinate, in which the mineral it is surrounded with picolinic acid, in order increasing its absorption and bioavailability.

To explain the mechanism of action of chromium, we need to look at how the body does controls blood sugar levels. After meal, the body reacts to the increase in glucose levels blood secreting insulin. Insulin lowers the level
blood glucose, increasing the frequency glucose uptake by cells throughout the body. A drop in blood glucose levels that occurs during hunger or exercise, triggers the release of glucagon, another hormone produced by the pancreas. Glucagon stimulates the release of glucose from stored glycogen in the tissues of the body, especially in liver and skeletal muscles. If the level blood glucose drops sharply or if a person she is angry or scared, she is like this there is a release from the adrenal medulla epinephrine (adrenaline). On the other hand, as a result of chronic stressful situations, the bark the adrenal gland responds with the release of corticosteroids (cortisol). These hormones ensure faster breakdown stored glucose to obtain additional amounts of energy during a crisis or increased needs.

In 1957, scientists: Walter Mertz and Kenneth Schwartz isolated a component from a pig’s kidney, which they called the “glucose tolerance factor”. Yeah the pork substance restored the impaired glucose tolerance in rats. Then, in 1959, chromium was identified as active component of GTF. We currently know that supplementation chromium is helpful in numerous health conditions, mainly because of its effect on mechanisms that control the level of sugar and lipids in blood. Glucose tolerance factor (GTF), the biologically active form of chromium increases insulin activity and is required for maintenance normal glucose metabolism. Supplementation chromium also improves glucose tolerance (better use of glucose by tissues peripherals, especially muscles). Fully symptomatic diabetes, high cholesterol, serum triglycerides and uric acid and glucose intolerance are factors that increase the risk of developing heart disease. According to data published in Better Nutrition for Todayʼs Living (Jan.1999; Vol. 53 (No. 1): p. 12), GTF is one of the most effective ingredients slimming. It suppresses the appetite in two ways: increasing the activity of insulin, which in turn stimulates the satiety center in the brain and facilitating transport into the brain of the amino acids that decrease appetite, such as, for example, tryptophan. Not enough insulin availability at the cellular level (whether or not it is a complete lack of insulin, as for type I diabetes (IDDM) or relative deficiency, as in type II diabetes (NIDDM), may interfere with the production of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is an essential component contained in red blood cells that it carries oxygen to our trillions of cells. Delivery GTF normalizes the level of hemoglobin, as a result restoring proper oxygen supply into cells, adequate cellular respiration and metabolism.

Chromium is also a cholesterol regulator and serum triglycerides. Takes part in these processes as an environmental factor enzymes, mainly carnitine palmitone acetyltransferase palmitin I and II, as well as the carnitine / acylcarnitine, which catalyze the betaoxidation process fatty acid enabling lipid transport across the inner membrane mitochondrial. Chrome also works as antioxidant. This substance, present in various sports and weight loss products, plays the role of the metabolic “fat burner”. Chromium supplementation is likely to have an effect on your insulin levels, helping your body work effectively burn fat and stabilize levels blood sugar. It has also been found to improve strength and muscle endurance.

We have already mentioned insulin and reduced tissue sensitivity to insulin u some obese people. Insulin is one of the most important hormones that it plays essential role e.g. in muscle development, control body weight and maintaining a healthy system cardiovascular. Insulin enables transport glucose and amino acids into cells where are involved in the process of energy production and synthesis proteins. Few people know that insulin cannot perform its functions when chromium is absent neither in carbohydrate metabolism, nor in converting fats into energy. For this reason Slim Formula, also includes chrome in the form chelate. Chromium Picolinate shows proven clinically slimming properties, devoid of unwanted side effects.


Food intake is regulated primarily all feeling hungry. They affect the appetite also mental factors. It often happens that rather, we eat for social, emotional reasons or commercial (advertising!) than because that we feel hungry. We eat when we feel sad, we eat when we celebrate, we eat when we are stressed. So reducing your appetite is extremely helpful in the fight against excess weight.

Fortunately, there is a substance that is very similar in chemical structure to citric acid z citrus. It is rarely found in nature hydroxycitric acid (HCA), present in the fruit Garcinia cambogia, originating in Thailand and from South India. HCA reduces the appetite and it inhibits the conversion of carbohydrates into fat. The effectiveness of HCA is further enhanced by the presence chrome in Slim Formula, with strong properties fat burning.

People in India have been using the plant for many years Garcinia cambogia as a natural substance preservatives, fragrances and spices for dishes. In traditional medicine of South Asia the extract of this plant is often used for treatment coronary heart disease. HCA regulates a number of important processes in the body:

– Appetite Suppression: According to scientific research, HCA inhibits appetite, so the body consumes less food.

– Inhibition of the transformation of carbohydrates into
fats: HCA blocks the lipogenesis process – protects the accepted ones with food carbohydrates before turning into fat, as a result the fat deposit is reduced in the body.

– Energy levels and fat storage: During experiments it was proved that HCA stimulates the transformation in the liver and muscles glucose into glycogen. Glycogen is a substance similar to starch, which depending on your needs the body is converted into simple sugars. Hence HCA can be hope for those who are health deteriorates due to disorders glycogen storage.

– Thermogenesis: Research results show that taking HCA increases the body’s heat production in as a result of burning calories, thus in the body less calories are stored in the form of fat. This the HCA effect was enhanced due to the presence of in Slim Formula additional factors stimulating thermogenesis – green tea, ginger and turmeric.


  • weight loss
  • endurance, recovery
  • cleaning, elimination of transformation products matter
  • improving digestion and intestinal activity
  • better mood
  • greater self-confidence
  • a more attractive appearance


Let’s start from the beginning. Slim Formula is complex a slimming preparation that is used systematically allows you to achieve the goal, provided that that we are ready to change our lifestyle as well. “Tasting” Slim Formula makes it pleasant sensations of taste and aroma, because tablets Slim Formula, compared with other products have a pleasant smell and taste. It is related to the presence of vegetable oils. Although this feature is not decisive from the point of view the effectiveness of the product, however, may constitute additional stimulus to take the preparation. Moreover, compared to other “burners.” fats ”, Slim Formula’s main task detoxification and removal of harmful metabolic products, as well as stimulation digestion and bowel activity, fluid elimination and accelerating metabolism.

Slim Formula is a supporting dietary supplement process of losing weight and then keeping it perfect body weight. This preparation is a wonderful, long-term help primarily for people leading an active lifestyle. Its ingredients, acting in synergy, they help restore the disturbed balance of our metabolism, as well as make it easy to transform food into chemical (ATP) and thermal energy. This, will the slimming diet be effective or not, depends on the effectiveness of the mentioned processes and consumer persistence.


 Prof. Valeria Szedlak-Vadocz



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